Metabolic Solutions now offers simultaneous exploration of multiple metabolic pathways by deuterium labeling. We refer to this novel approach as Deuteromics. By combining advanced isotope measurement techniques with oral dosing of deuterium oxide (D2O), you can derive more information from a single dose administration. For the first time, substrates with slow turnover rates, such as fatty acids in adipose tissue or amino acids in collagen, can be routinely measured by stable isotope analysis in our laboratory.

Advantages include:

  • Deuterium oxide is not radioactive, inexpensive and has a long steady-state making it ideal to study synthesis rates of fast or slow turnover targets
  • No IV infusions needed since tracer is given orally to achieve an isotopic plateau
  • Dosing with deuterium oxide is not limited to clinical research centers
  • Rapid equilibration with total body water in one hour
  • Multiple metabolic pathways can be investigated simultaneously
  • Reduces clinical costs since D2O is less expensive than other labeled tracers
  • Less isotope is administered when using gas chromatography combustion isotope ratio mass spectrometry (GCC-IRMS)
  • The GCC-IRMS stable isotope analysis  increases flexible labeling applications.

Examples of Deuteromics Applications:

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