Once the design of the study has been established, the next job is to train all involved to assure the ultimate success of the protocol. Metabolic Solutions undertakes three types of training to execute the protocol as designed.

Internal Training

At Metabolic Solutions, Inc, there is always training to be done! We train each staff member in the principles and practice of GLP procedures as well as safety and laboratory practices. Our continuing education program allows staff members to be up-to-date on the latest advances in stable isotope analysis technology. Finally, any specific requirements for particular studies will be communicated, and the personnel trained as necessary, by the designated Study Director.

CRO Training

Stable isotope tracer studies present unique challenges for any Contract Research Organization (CROs). For example, many protocols require unusual specimens to be collected such as breath or saliva samples. These samples need to be treated in particular ways (e.g., plasma samples stored in cryogenic vials and in separate containers from the isotopic dose solutions). Timing of sample collection is also vital to the success of the experiment. Metabolic Solutions can provide telephone, email and even on-site training for the CROs involved in the study. Our experts can be your resource to train and support your CROs.

Site Manual

Under certain multi-site protocols, it can be helpful to provide each CRO with a site manual. This will guide each facility in the preparation and administration of the stable isotope labeled dose, collection and documentation of each sample as well as the packing and shipping of the samples back to MSI for analysis. This approach assures uniformity in the practice of the protocol and helps to preserve the integrity of the samples.

To understand how MSI’s training can play a role in your stable isotope studies, please contact us for further information.