Metabolic Solutions offers a wide-range of established stable isotope assays. If the assay you need is not on this list, we can develop and validate a stable isotope analysis for your protocol.

Sample Receipt and Stable Isotope Analysis

When specimens arrive at Metabolic Solutions, our experienced staff checks proper sample identification, required stable isotope analysis, and assigns a unique sample label. Any problems with receipt or identification of these incoming samples are addressed immediately by the Study Director. Our quality assurance procedures confirm instruments are performing properly and all data is collected and transferred accurately.

Sample and Data Storage

If desired, your samples and data can be stored at Metabolic Solutions for as long as necessary. Our storage protocols include:

  • Unique sample identification for easy sample retrieval
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring of all freezers and refrigerators
  • Emergency generator backup
  • Daily computer backup
  • Secure sample and data storage areas

Method Development and Validation

The Metabolic Solutions professional staff has extensive experience in developing and validating new stable isotope-based analytical methods. Your project will benefit from our breadth of stable isotope analysis capabilities. These methods can be validated using our GLP infrastructure to assure the data will be acceptable to regulatory agencies.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding stable isotope analysis, validation or any other aspect of measurements, please contact us for further information.