Lactose Intolerance Test

Gut-Chek for Lactose Intolerance


You have selected the hydrogen breath test kit designed for easy at home testing to determine if you suffer from lactose intolerance.

  • Your kit will be mailed to you using Priority US Mail. Expect delivery in 2 -3 days.
  • The kit will contain all the components needed to perform a test in your home.
  • Included in the test kit is a pre-paid US mail shipping label. After completing the test simply seal the box and mail the breath samples back to the lab.
  • Your customized report will be emailed (or mailed) to you within 24 hours of test receipt.

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Getting Tested is Easy

Know for sure! Concluding that you have lactose intolerance based on symptoms has been shown by countless studies to be very inaccurate. Misdiagnosing lactose intolerance results in unnecessary and unhealthy self-imposed dietary restrictions. Gut-Chek for lactose intolerance is a simple way to use facts when making dietary decisions. With this knowledge, you can begin the road to recovery and take back your life.

Gut-Chek for lactose intolerance is the same version of the hydrogen/methane breath test used at leading medical centers and ordered routinely by thousands of doctors. It is simple to use, non-invasive and accurate. We will measure each sample for hydrogen and methane gases as well as perform a quality control measure of the CO2 levels. You can order this home test today for just $179.00 with free shipping and a no questions asked full refund policy if you are not completely satisfied.

Why Use the Hydrogen Breath Test to Assess for Lactose Intolerance?

Medical professionals agree that the hydrogen breath is the best option available to test for lactose intolerance. Gut-Chek gives you easy, at home access to this leading technology.

  • Simple: Easy to obtain, easy to use and easy to understand.
  • Convenient: Testing is done in the convenience of your home on your schedule.
  • Inexpensive: Same test, same information but a fraction of the cost of testing at a medical center or your doctor’s office.
  • Fast Results: All tests are analyzed immediately upon arrival in our lab and the results sent by email to you within 24 hours of test receipt.

Why is Testing for Lactose Intolerance Important?

Lactose intolerance affects an estimated 50 million Americans. This condition is common in Asian, African, African-American, Native American, and Mediterranean populations.

Studies have shown that nearly 50% of people who self-report milk intolerance are normal digesters of lactose. Instead, they suffer from a functional bowel disorder such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), recurrent abdominal pain (RAP) in children or some other gastrointestinal complication. Recurrent abdominal pain (RAP) occurs in 10 to 15% of school-age children. In self-reported milk intolerants, there is a significant, unnecessary reduction in milk consumption and insufficient dietary calcium intake.

The diagnosis of lactose intolerance by trained professional has relied on an interview process coupled with removing milk (and milk products) from the diet. The interview process is overly simplistic and quite imprecise.

Do You Have Lactose Intolerance?

We may be able to eat as much dairy as we want when we are young. Our bodies can lose the ability to process sugars in foods we consume. Dairy contains a sugar called lactose or milk sugar. Our intestines have an enzyme called lactase that breaks down lactose prior to absorption. Sometimes we are born with low levels of the enzyme lactase or we produce less of it as we age. When lactose is not broken down from eating foods with dairy, it will cause gas, bloating, chronic stomach pain, or diarrhea.

Do you have the following symptoms or risk factors?

  • Gas, bloating, or abdominal pain after immediately eating milk, cheese, or foods with dairy
  • You are African-American, Asian, South American or American Indian descent
  • Age greater than 50

Many foods we eat contain lactose. Review our list of foods containing lactose. We obtain lactose from more than milk. If you have these symptoms or risk factors, you should test for lactose intolerance with the Gut-Chek Hydrogen Breath Test for Lactose Intolerance.