How to Prepare for the Leaky Gut Breath Test

For accurate test results, you must prepare before the test. You can reduce false results by avoiding these items prior to the test.

For Optimal Preparation

  • Patients should not take prescription antibiotics for 1 week prior to taking the leaky gut breath test.  Antihistamines and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided for 12 hours prior to testing.

What can you take before the test

  • You should take all other medicines prescribed by your doctor, example blood pressure drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs, thyroid drugs, etc.
  • You can take vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

What to do the Night Before the Test

Please avoid eating and drinking (except water) at least 8 hours before the test.

What to do the Day of the Test

  • DO NOT eat, drink (except water), chew gum or tobacco, smoke cigarettes, eat breath mints or candy before or during the test.
  • DO NOT sleep or exercise during the test.
  • DO TAKE prescription medications.
  • DO BRUSH your teeth prior to the test.

Potential Complications of the Leaky Gut Breath Test

There are very few potential complications during the 90-minute testing. Patients may feel discomfort from ingestion of 20 grams of sucrose including diarrhea, gas, cramping or bloating. The discomfort is transient.