Leaky Gut Syndrome Test

Our mission is to make you feel better by helping you to find out quickly and inexpensively the cause of your GI discomfort.

Leaky Gut Syndrome is a condition where the intestinal walls have been damaged and toxins are able to get through to the blood stream causing an inflammatory response. Bloating and digestive distress are the most common symptoms but food allergies, chronic sinus infections, achy joints, fatigue, brain fog or unexplained rashes are also common.

The Gut-Chek test for leaky gut syndrome measures the small intestines ability to digest sugar with a simple breath test. If there is damage to the intestinal walls, the sugar will not be completely processed and the breath test will indicate Leaky Gut Syndrome is present.

Gut-Chek for Leaky Gut Syndrome is an innovative, non-invasive and accurate breath test. You can order this home test today for just $139.00 with free shipping and a no questions asked full refund policy if you are not completely satisfied.

Learn how easy it is to get tested at home:

Why use the Gut-Chek breath test to assess for Leaky Gut Syndrome?

There are few established methods for testing for this condition. Gut-Chek gives you easy, at home access to this cutting edge method.

  • Simple: Easy to obtain, easy to use and easy to understand.
  • Convenient: Testing is done in the convenience of your home on your schedule.
  • Inexpensive: Same test, same information but a fraction of the cost of testing at a medical center or your doctor’s office.
  • Fast Results: All tests are analyzed immediately upon arrival in our lab and the results sent by email to you that day.

Why is testing for Leaky Gut Syndrome important?

Modern medicine is just beginning to recognize this condition. The problem is that the symptoms of this disease are very broad and far-reaching and vary among people. Because these symptoms are not always related to the digestive tract (e.g. headaches), you could have Leaky Gut Syndrome and not even realize it. It is vital to look beyond the symptoms and discover the root cause of the illness. That’s why detecting Leaky Gut Syndrome may help you find a more effective solution to your condition.

If you are not sure that the leaky gut breath test is right for you, please read more.

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