Urea Breath Test Instructions

Everything needed, except a timer and potable water, is contained in the easy to use Urea Breath Test collection kits so you can administer the test right in the physician’s office or patient service center.

Simply administer the test and send breath samples in the return packaging to our testing laboratory.

Six Easy Steps


Step 1:

Collect baseline breath sample into the blue bag. Breathing normally, take a breath, hold it for a count of 2, and exhale into the bag. Push the white cap over the mouth piece until it snaps into place.


Step 2:

Prepare Pranactin®-Citric solution. Thoroughly mix the entire Pranactin®-Citric packet with water in the plastic container.


Step 3:

Patient drinks Pranactin®-Citric solution. The patient must drink the solution using the plastic straw provided.


Step 4:

Wait 15 minutes, then collect second breath sample in the pink bag. Use same collection procedure as explained in Step 1. Push the white cap over the mouth piece until it snaps into place.


Step 5:

Mail samples to Metabolic Solutions in the prepaid mailer found in the kit.


Step 6:

Receive patient results and treat accordingly.