Gastric Emptying

Metabolic Solutions, Inc. (MSI) has developed and validated an easy to prepare, low-fat muffin meal along with a simple breath collection system that provides an accurate assessment of solid phase gastric emptying called the Gastric Motility Octanoate Breath Test (GMOBT). Our stable isotope analysis of breath uses the most sensitive instruments for measurement. The test has been widely used by medical/pharmaceutical researchers to assess delayed gastric emptying (gastroparesis). This technique works well with both human and animal protocols.

Advantages of the MSI Gastric Motility Octanoate Breath Test:

  • Non-radioactive and less costly alternative to scintigraphy
  • Allows multiple repeat testing on subjects
  • Simple to prepare and reproducible caloric meal
  • Easy for CROs to study multiple subjects simultaneously
  • Custom test kits to meet your needs
  • CLIA and GLP compliance (including Part 11)
  • Customized reports
  • Validated breath stable isotope analysis

The standardized meal in the gastric motility octanoate breath test is a muffin. Muffins are made by adding water and isotope to dry powder ingredients. After mixing the ingredients in the supplied cooking bowl, the ingredients are baked for 2 minutes in a microwave oven. The muffin is made from the combination of two commercially available products. There are no safety concerns with the ingredients. The ingredients of the muffin are kosher certified.

The American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) has recommended breath testing to measure gastric emptying rates (AGA position).

Applications with the Octanoate Breath Test

The following examples offer protocols useful for studying gastric emptying:

  1. Chey, WD, Shapiro, B, Zawadski, A, and Goodman, K (2001) Gastric emptying characteristics of a novel 13C-octanoate-labeled muffin meal.
  2. Gonlachanvit, S, Chey, WD, Goodman, KJ and Parkman, HP (2001) Effect of meal size and test duration on gastric emptying and gastric myoelectrical activity as determined with simultaneous [13C]octanoate breath test and electrogastrography in normal subjects using a muffin meal.
  3. Bromer, MQ, Kantor, SB, Wagner, DA, Knight, LC, Mauer, AH and H.P. Parkman (2002) Simultaneous measurement of gastric emptying with a simple muffin meal using [13C]octanoate breath test and scintigraphy in normal subjects and patients with dyspeptic symptoms.

Research, validation studies, procedures and technical information of the Gastric Motility Octanoate Breath Test is provided in our technical paper: Gastric Motility Studies.