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H. pylori is a bacteria found in the stomach that is responsible for peptic ulcer disease. In the last decade millions of Americans have be... More

This article is a simple explanation of lactose intolerance. Importantly it stresses that although many people are lactose intolerance it does not mean that they... More

A recent peer reviewed publication presented evidence that probiotics may significantly improve the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome. While the study was done on athletes... More

Lactose intolerance is prevalent in India. I recently came across an article in an Indian newsletter that offered some substitutes for dairy when cooking. Some... More

Great article on the differences between food allergies (very rare) and food intolerances (more common). In addition this article contains an insightful discussion of gluten... More

A recent panel of expert gastroenterologists gather in Japan to write guidelines for the management of H. pylori. The highlights of the findings are: •... More

The link between rosacea and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is not new but has been largely ignored by dermatologists. Until recently the publications of... More

There is a growing body of evidence that migraines are associated with gastrointestinal disorders. People with gastrointestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease,... More

It is known that gastric cancer is strongly correlated with h. pylori infection, but the underlining cause was unclear. Researchers at Max-Planck Institute have confirmed... More

Food aversions can result from an unpleasant experience with a food.  These aversions can last a life time even though the perceived problem has been... More

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