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It is very common for someone to complain about adverse reactions to particular foods. These adverse events can be categorized into three groups – 1)... More

Leaky gut syndrome describes a condition in which the small intestinal walls are damaged and allow microorganisms and/or food particles access to your bloodstream. For... More

A gluten-free diet is a necessity for any one diagnosed with Celiac Disease. However, only a very small percentage of people actually have Celiac disease.... More

The attached published paper is an excellent review of the mechanism that causes lactose intolerance and the strategies that can be used to manage the... More

This is a wonderful article because it presents many accurate facts about small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. There are too many so called SIBO “experts” who... More

Ongoing research continues to support the link between small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and Parkinson’s disease. This new article explains some of the complex cellular... More

H. pylori is a bacteria found in the stomach that is responsible for peptic ulcer disease. In the last decade millions of Americans have be... More

This article is a simple explanation of lactose intolerance. Importantly it stresses that although many people are lactose intolerance it does not mean that they... More

A recent peer reviewed publication presented evidence that probiotics may significantly improve the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome. While the study was done on athletes... More

Lactose intolerance is prevalent in India. I recently came across an article in an Indian newsletter that offered some substitutes for dairy when cooking. Some... More

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